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articleError 739
Description: This program has been installed or copied too many times. Solution: Do note that one Product Key should be used per installat...
02 Jul, 2009    Views: 7116
articleCan I run a protected program on a Microsoft Terminal Server?
Yes, CopyMinder should be fine under terminal servers in general.  However, your protected program must be installed as a network ...
25 Nov, 2010    Views: 5735
articleWhat is the IP address of the CopyMinder server?
Some firewalls and proxy servers require web addresses to be entered into a 'whitelist' to allow access to Internet servers.   Curren...
20 Sep, 2011    Views: 5524
articleHow do I change the protection parameters for a manual installation after they have installed?
You need to do the following: 1.    Make the changes you require on the web site. 2.    Get the user to ...
16 Oct, 2007    Views: 5057
articleCan a single Product Key be used for multiple installations?
One product key is required per installation of your software. The only exception is network installations which can have multiple installat...
25 Jun, 2007    Views: 4825
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articleError 84
This error indicates a problem reading the .cm file from the disk. The file has been found and opened with read access successfully, but th...
22 Dec, 2017    Views: 412
articleI have an invoice for zero or for under GBP 10
Generally, developers using CopyMinder are only invoiced when their total outstanding charges at the end of the month are over the £10...
10 Mar, 2017    Views: 623
articleError 935
This error means that the protected software running as a network client licence could not establish communication with CMServer. Please ch...
13 May, 2016    Views: 1118
articleError 926
Error 926 means one of the internal modules that the protection check uses couldn't be loaded. The file is called .cm.1 and is written out ...
06 Jan, 2016    Views: 1472
articleI have software protected with CopyMinder and have a question
CopyMinder is a licensing solution for software developers to manage use of their software by end users. The developer has control of how i...
16 Dec, 2015    Views: 1678

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