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Error 566

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Description: Error automatically downloading new CopyMinder protection file.

Solution: Please check your Internet connection.

This error can also occur if all the following is true:
* Your existing .cm protection file is release 36 or earlier.
* Your program is protected to require release 37 or later.
* The .cm file has not been used before.

Ask your software supplier if this might be the case. In this case the software developer should supply a newer (v.37 or later) .cm file for the software so that installation and activation may proceed.

Solution: Disable or remove Bit Defender

Bit Defender 2012 injects javascript and css into webpages that are accessed, whether through a browser or directly by the CopyMinder protection check. This causes the structure of the page to be changed and consequently the download of the page containing the update version of the .cm file to fail when an automatic upgrade is attempted during a protection check.

If you wish to download and install the CopyMinder protection file manually, please go to the link below and follow the instructions:

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