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Error 739

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Description: This program has been installed or copied too many times.

Solution: Do note that one Product Key should be used per installation. If you keep using the same Product Key for multiple installations you will get this error.

Please contact your Software Supplier to purchase additional licences or to reset the counter.

Sometimes, Software Developers mis-understand the 'Number of suspect installations in the last xxx hours' value on the CopyMinder web site.  This is the current number of suspect installations, not the maximum permitted.  This number can be reduced to 0 (say) in order to allow a re-install after an error 739.

There are situations we have encountered where this error can be triggered because we detect the hardware of the computer running the protected software as having changed when it has not, due to a change in the way that Windows stores or reports the data. If this corresponds with a change of network environment, such as on a laptop that switches between wired and wifi connections, please look at Settings > Network and Internet > Wifi then untick the "Use Random Hardware Addresses" option if available. it can also be found under individual wifi connections on this page, and some computers don't have this option at all as the underlying hardware does not support it.

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