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What is SmartSign?

SmartSign is a strong-authentication system. This means it provides a system for authenticating users that is stronger and far more secure than a username & password alone. SmartSign employs two-factor authentication meaning that to log in you need two things, something you know (password or PIN) and something you have (your smartphone).

Why is CopyMinder using SmartSign?

We take the security of your CopyMinder developer account very seriously. We've started using SmartSign to ensure the security and integrity of your software protection is maintained into the future.

Do I have to login using SmartSign?

You are strongly recommended to use SmartSign as part of your login procedure. Currently you can skip the SmartSign step by clicking the link at the bottom of the SmartSign login page. You will be able to skip SmartSign login until 1st April 2014. SmartSign login can be disabled via the Login Security page in your Developer account.

My CopyMinder account is accessed by several people. Can we still use SmartSign login?

Yes. Additional smartphones can be associated with your CopyMinder Developer account via the Login Security page.

What if I need to login without my smartphone?

SmartSign does offer alternative methods of authentication to cater for this situation. One method involves a code being sent to your CopyMinder registered email address which you must enter in order to log in.

Where do I get the SmartSign app?

The SmartSign app is available on Google Play or from the App Store (search for "SmartSign Microcosm").

Get it on Google Play    Download on the App Store

I don't have a smartphone, what do I do?

Currently, SmartSign requires a smartphone because it requires an app. If you don't have a smartphone we suggest you disable SmartSign via the Login Security page in your Developer account.

I'm interested in using SmartSign myself. Tell me more…

More information on the SmartSign system can be found here.